Statement of Ethics

We subscribe to, and verily believe that we conduct ourselves in accordance with, this Statement of Ethics (as proclaimed by the Council of the Law Society of New South Wales on 11 December 2003).

Statement of Ethics

We acknowledge the role of our profession in serving our community in the administration of justice. We recognize that the law should protect the rights and freedoms of members of society. We understand that we are responsible to our community to observe high standards of conduct and behaviour when we perform our duties to the courts, our clients and our fellow practitioners. Our conduct and behaviour should reflect the character we aspire to have as a profession.


This means that as individuals engaged in the profession and as a profession:

  • We primarily serve the interests of justice.
  • We act competently and diligently in the service of our clients.
  • We advance our clients’ interests above our own.
  • We act confidentially and in the protection of all client information.
  • We act together for the mutual benefit of our profession.
  • We avoid any conflict of interest and duties .
  • We observe strictly our duty to the Court of which we are officers to ensure the proper and efficient administration of justice.
  • We seek to maintain the highest standards of integrity, honesty and fairness in all our dealings.
  • We charge fairly for our work

Proclaimed by the Council of the Law Society of New South Wales 28 May 2009. Updated on 27 November 2009.


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