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Jeffrey T Lee

Principal Lawyer

Jeffrey established Comasters in 1994. He has a law degree and an accounting degree, and has been a lawyer for more than 25 years acting for, and advising clients, on corporate law, property law, litigation, immigration law, family law and other legal areas.

Commercially-oriented, Jeffrey focuses in solving legal problems efficiently and in a timely manner. Jeffrey is also a Notary Public and assists local and international clients. Apart from English proficiency, he reads, writes and speaks Malay and Indonesian and speaks Hokkien, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Jeffrey served for three years as president of the Australian Malaysian Singaporean Association. His interests include Asian history, health fitness and computer technology.

Gina Bae

Associate Lawyer

Gina has a double degree in Law and Arts – Psychology.

At the firm, she works with the principal lawyer in a variety of legal matters including family law, corporate law and litigation.

Gina reads, writes and speaks English and Korean. Her interests include overseas travel, animal welfare and reading historical fiction.

Alice Huang

Alice possesses a Master’s degree in Translation and Interpretation Studies (Chinese / English). She performs administrative tasks and assists the firm’s lawyers in their legal work. Alice reads, writes and speaks English and Mandarin.

Alizeh Ahmad

Alizeh is currently pursuing a double degree in Law and Business. She assists in administrative tasks and in legal matters. Fluent in English, Alizeh also speaks Urdu (Pakistan language).

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Comasters Law Firm and Notary Public is a commercial legal practice in Sydney. We conduct matters in a range of legal areas. Whilst based in Sydney, Comasters maintains close links with business people across the Asia Pacific region.

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