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Comasters Law Firm and Notary Public is a commercial legal practice in Sydney. We conduct matters in a range of legal areas. Whilst based in Sydney, Comasters maintains close links with business people across the Asia Pacific region.

At Comasters, we believe in the importance of diligence in professional care and conduct. Our aim is to provide efficient and friendly service to our clients both within and outside Australia.

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Our team of dedicated professionals strive to meet our clients’ every need.

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Our team has written many legal articles on our areas of practice, such as Corporate and Commercial Law; Property Law; and Litigation. View our full list of legal articles and learn more about Australian law and the services we provide.

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Comasters Rose Commercial are Licensed Business Agents, helping you to sell your business.
We’re a trusted adviser throughout the entire process, and will be with you from beginning to end,
until the completion of your sale.

Areas of Practice

Corporate & Commercial Law

Our firm can advise on commercial law issues including bankruptcy, obligations of directors and the buying or selling of business. We aim to protect the rights of our clients throughout their business or commercial activities.


Comasters is experienced at representing clients in court with the aim of resolving the matter expediently. We are familiar with the rules and procedures of all courts and tribunals such as NCAT and can provide you with trusted advice during this process.

Property Law

We are experts in conveyancing and can ensure a smooth process to settlement. We also advise on leasing including the Retail Leases Act NSW and commercial leases. Our firm can prepare and lodge documents with the NSW LRS on your behalf.

Australian Immigration Law

Our Principal Lawyer is also a migration agent and can lodge applications on your behalf. We can advise on what visa may suit you and the process of obtaining one. Common visas applied by our firm include the partner visa 820/801 and the contributory parent visa.

Family Law

We understand that divorce is difficult for all parties involved and navigating the family court may be strenuous during this time. We can assist clients in filing for divorce and/or reaching an amicable resolution through other avenues such as consent orders.

Franchising Law

We can advise on the nature of franchising, the statutory requirements for franchise agreements, and the Franchising Code of Conduct. Our firm can prepare or review a franchising agreement for you.

Strata Law

With an increase of apartments in major cities and a higher risk of conflict between residents, our firm can assist you in understanding strata schemes and resolving disputes. We can also advise on how to navigate strata law changes and understand strata by-laws.

Employment Law

Our firm can advise on and prepare employment contracts that protect both an employer’s and employee’s rights. We can also advise on the requirements for lawful termination of employment and the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth).

Wills & Estates

We can explain the requirements of Australian Wills, advise you on how to avoid having your Will contested, and draft a Will in accordance with your wishes. We can also assist clients with obtaining a probate following the death of a loved one.

Defamation Law

Our firm can advise on the civil action of suing for defamation, the defences to defamation and social media defamation so as to protect or enforce your rights.

Notarial Services

Principal Lawyer Jeffrey Lee is an experienced notary public and can authenticate documents for you. We can also advise you on the next steps where required.

Other Laws

Comasters also advises and provides services on a variety of other legal areas such as drafting Power of Attorney and Guardianship documents, creating a trust and advising on taxation rules and rates.

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Comasters Law Firm and Notary Public is a commercial legal practice in Sydney. We conduct matters in a range of legal areas. Whilst based in Sydney, Comasters maintains close links with business people across the Asia Pacific region.

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